Hello and thanks so much for visiting my website. I'm a writer who has gone from indie publishing to traditional and back again to indie, with five bestselling books, two of them hitting No 1 on the Kindle charts. It has taken a lot of work - at one point I had two jobs and two very small kids - but I kept writing because I love it! If you didn't, you'd give up at the first hurdle with this competitive industry.

I've often wondered what genre my books fit into. It's the question I'm asked a lot: "What kind of books do you write? What genre?". To be honest, I find it hard to categorise them. Finally, though, I've discovered a genre! "Up-lit", standing for uplifting literature. Which is what I set out to produce, anyway, and hopefully, if you've read my books, you'll agree! 

My fifth novel - Christmas by the Lighthouse - was released in September 2019. This one is a love story set in Jersey, the island where I'm lucky enough to live, and was inspired by the beautiful lighthouse here. It's hard not to be inspired by this place and Jersey features in two of my other novels as well - Christmas on the Coast, which takes place during the second Christmas of the Nazi occupation, and The Christmas Forest  - a love story about a woman with autism. My first two novels are set in the South of England. I'm currently working on books six and seven - including my first summer suspense. 

Like all writers, I'm always keen to receive feedback so if you've read my books and would like to tell me what you thought of them please do leave a message on this website or, even better, a review on Amazon. Thank you! 

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My latest release.

Due out in October 2020