I was born in East Sussex in 1977 and grew up in a Vicarage as part of a large, spirited family including my late father, who was a very eccentric vicar (Rev John Lambourne). I now live by the sea in Jersey with my husband, two children - Ruby and Iris - and two cats. I studied English at Warwick University many years ago, later training as a lawyer, and completed a creative writing course with The Writer's Bureau. I loved writing Christmas at the Vicarage and I'm so excited about the recent release of my second book, Home for Winter.

Potter's Cove, the fictional village in Christmas at the Vicarage, is based on a seaside village in South Devon called Hope Cove where I enjoyed family holidays as a child. The sea and all things nautical hold a great appeal to me, as they do for many.

My favourite things to do are walking on the cliffs, mucking about in the sea with my family and, come December, getting festive and cosy!