I was born in East Sussex in 1977 and grew up in a vicarage as part of a large, spirited family including my late father, who was a very eccentric vicar. At 18 I left home to study English at Warwick University, then moved to Jersey in my twenties and worked as a lawyer for a while. The island has become my home now and I love it here, living by the sea with my husband, three kids and two cats. Every day the view is different and I try to head up on to the cliffs as often as I can - great for inspiration as well as exercise. Aside from writing and cliff-walks, I love reading, mucking about in the sea with my family and, come December, getting festive and cosy! 

I always thought writing would just be a hobby for me and decided to write Christmas at the Vicarage when my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer and I wanted to try to keep him alive through one of the characters (Bernie!). I self-published the book and was blown away when Lake Union approached me and offered me a book deal. I've since published four more books with them.